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Will An Insert Media Campaign Help My Business?

Insert media is a discreet and successful way to boost brand awareness, sales, and customer trust. Your insert media flyer will be included within a routinely mailed magazine your target customer has already opted in for, or within a package your customer previously ordered. This type of creative advertising will be right front and center for your customer as they open their mail, which means your product or service gets more visibility.

Generate Revenue with Insert Media

Due to the cost effectiveness of setting up an insert media campaign with Kirkwood Direct, businesses end up saving money while generating income. The advertising to revenue ratio is much lower than other forms of marketing and is more flexible where budgeting is concerned.

Gain New Loyal Customers

Whether you’re advertising beauty products, a new credit card, vacation packages or cleaning products, your insert media will be targeted to the appropriate audience. Each insert is showcased on a personal level within a piece of mail your customer is already excited to open. This effective method of advertising is also a great way to introduce a new product or service before unveiling it across other platforms.

Insert Media with Kirkwood Direct

At Kirkwood Direct, we’ve designed, implemented, and measured hundreds of insert media campaigns for businesses across Boston and the US. The idea is to design a targeted campaign, test it in small batches, then roll it out across your chosen demographic. Our insert media specialists are here to help you every step of the way so you can get the best return on investment. Ready to start promoting your brand, product, or service? Contact Kirkwood Direct today for a free quote.

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