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Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Your business has so many different avenues to choose from when it comes to getting your brand in front of your customers. There’s search engine optimization, social media, television advertising, newspaper advertising, and dozens of others. However, one of the first forms of digital marketing — and one that is still highly effective to this day — is email marketing.

Email marketing offers opportunities for your business that other types of advertising cannot and it’s more affordable than most forms, meaning a better return on investment. Here are a few reasons why your business can benefit from an email marketing campaign.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

  1. Targeted Marketing. Aside from direct mail campaigns, there is nothing more targeted than an email marketing campaign. With email marketing, you have complete control over who sees your product or service. You can curate your list depending on geographical region, age, income, and other factors so that your email blast gets the most visibility.
  2. Improved Brand Awareness. Sure, billboards are huge and TV ads may be plentiful, but those can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Email marketing can improve your brand awareness after just a few email blasts. At Kirkwood Direct, we work with you to design a custom template that highlights both your brand or logo as well as the product or service you have to offer.
  3. Information Can Be Shared. Make it easy for your audience to share your deals and promotions with email marketing. If an individual on your mailing list likes what they see and believes your product or service may be useful for a friend or family member, all they need to do is hit the “Forward” button. Email blasts can easily reach hundreds of additional people that may not have been on your initial mailing list.
  4. More Measurable. These days it’s all about the data — and for good reason. Data helps us determine whether or not an advertising campaign is working. Thanks to email marketing, Kirkwood Direct can quickly track delivery rates, open rates, and click-through rates. We can also measure subscriber numbers after each email blast and determine the best day and time to send these messages out to the masses. These numbers all help us fine-tune your email marketing strategy for future campaigns.
  5. Cost Effective. As mentioned, email marketing is one of the most affordable advertising options for businesses. Depending on your business’ goal for each campaign, Kirkwood Direct can help you design a plan of action to generate more brand awareness or more revenue for your company.

While other forms of advertising are constantly changing, email marketing has remained relatively the same since its beginning. If your business hasn’t tried email marketing yet, or if you are overdue for an email campaign, then contact Kirkwood Direct to request a quote!

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