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Why You Should Prioritize Direct Marketing to Existing Customers

Customers are critical to your business’ success. After starting out and developing your initial customer base, growing your base may be one of your main focuses. However, it is critical to make sure you continue to market to your existing customer base. Continuing to grow your existing relationships will keep customers returning to your company for products and services.

Repeat Customers Lead to Repeat Profit

If a customer has a good experience with your business, they are more likely to return to you for similar products and services in the future. Because they’ve worked with you before, they’ll have a better idea of what to expect and may spend more as a result. Current customers are more likely to try new products or services and may also sign up for multiple services at once for a greater profit. By continuing to reach out to your previous customers with direct mail campaigns, you can provide special discounts and offers, as well as announce new offerings before the general public knows.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Existing customers know what your business does, your product and services line and trusts that they will be receiving a job well done. Because they know you, you won’t have to constantly introduce how your company works and what it does. It also costs as much as 16 times more to bring in a new customer, rather than retain one.

Repeat Customers Will Read Your Direct Mail Pieces

Name recognition and brand loyalty will ensure that your customers read your direct mail pieces and act on them accordingly. Direct mail pieces can be personalized so that each piece is addressed directly to the recipient, rather than “CURRENT RESIDENT” or simply an address. The information included within your direct mail, such as letters and return to sender envelopes, can each contain the information for the person meant to open the campaign through variable data printing, made possible at Kirkwood Direct.

Direct Mail Marketing, Kitting & Distribution

If you are interested in reaching out to previous customers via a direct mail campaign, contact Kirkwood Direct today! Our team will be able to work with you to cultivate a mailing list, print your materials, create the mailer kit and distribute your campaign for the lowest postage rates possible. We work with companies across the country and can even truck your campaign to local USPS facilities! For questions, Kirkwood Direct can be reached by calling 978-642-0300.

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