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Why Direct Mail Still Matters in the Digital Age

In an age focused around technology, social media, SEO, and retargeting, it still important considering direct mail for your next marketing campaign. Even after 170 years, direct mail marketing remains consistent in acquiring and maintaining relationships with consumers. And with improvements in direct mail campaign techniques and advancements in printing technology, it’s easier than ever to target and personalize your campaigns.

By applying our direct mail recommendations below, you will be able to reach key audiences, connect with them through personalized campaigns, and reduce print production times.

Focusing on Key Audiences

When selecting the audiences for your direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to focus on key audiences, such as Millennials, Generation Z, and women. Millennials and Generation Z make up nearly two-thirds of the population and although they are digital natives and are digitally connected, they tend to avoid digital advertising with the help of digital ad blockers. These habits give direct mail campaigns an opportunity to get into the hands of these two audiences without outside distractions.

In the majority of households, women have a high level of influence and decision-making power, making them a very attractive audience for direct mail marketing campaigns. Direct mail campaigns have the ability to build trust and relationships with your audience to promote the products and services that a brand offers.

Effective Targeting Technique

Millennials, Generation Z, and women can be reached more effectively by utilizing targeting tools that provide a solid foundation for attracting and maintaining customers. Using specialty lists and preferred selections, marketing campaigns can reach new prospects and help build customized relationships with them.

Building and deploying these tools allow direct mail pieces to only be sent to consumers that are most likely to respond. This allows direct mail campaigns to be more cost-effective while providing the ability to personalize messaging within the mailer itself.

Geographic Location Data

Geo-targeting and geographic radius marketing are often used together to provide users with further targeted and personalized direct mail and allows direct marketers a way to better understand consumer preferences and behaviors.

With the ability to utilize location data, the trick is not to use the data too deeply. Instead use the preferences and behaviors of consumers for more subtle personalization through colors, images, and verbiage.

Personalization with Digital Printing

Personalizing the mailers you send consumers part of your direct mail campaign can be done easily through variable data printing. Direct mail content that is personalized for the reader can help build relevancy and an immediate connection.

The best ways to personalize a mailer is with images, colors, visuals and copy that relates directly to the reader but depending on your campaign objectives, personalized offers, preferences, pre-filled forms, and personalized URLs are a great way to further personalize the piece.

These techniques can significantly enhance the reader’s experience and increase engagement and response. To start building your direct mail campaign with Kirkwood Direct, contact us today at (978) 642-0300.