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What’s Old is New Again: 10 Ideas for Rad Retro Direct Mail Campaigns

A retro direct mail campaign can be a totally rad and engaging way to capture the nostalgia of the past while promoting your organization, brand, or product. Check out 10 of our fun ideas to get some inspiration for your next throwback direct mail campaign:

  1. Vintage Postcards: Printed postcards with retro-themed illustrations or photographs reminiscent of a bygone era that include a catchy slogan or message using language not typically used these days can instantly capture attention.


  1. Retro Catalogs: Create a vintage-style catalog showcasing your products in a nostalgic format. Use retro fonts, colors, and imagery to evoke the feeling of the past.


  1. Classic Coupons: Design retro-style coupons with perforated edges and bold colors. Customers can tear them off and use them for discounts or special offers.


  1. Record Sleeves: Send out custom-designed record sleeves with a personalized vinyl record or CD. Add a QR code or link to a playlist with music related to your company or product.


  1. Recipe Cards: Recipe cards featuring classic dishes from the past, along with a twist that incorporates your product as an ingredient or uses it in a fun way (a dish, trivet, etc.)


  1. Gaming Contest: Create a game or puzzle that reflects the design and style of classic arcade or board games. Encourage recipients to participate in the contest for a chance to win prizes or bragging rights.


  1. Vintage Map Mailer: Design a vintage-style map that leads recipients on a journey (real or pretend!) to discover your brand’s history or interesting facts about your products. Want to take it up a notch? Make it a treasure hunt!


  1. Retro Trading Cards: Produce sports trading cards that feature your team members, products, or brand mascots in a vintage trading card format that includes interesting tips or fun behind-the-scenes facts.


  1. Time Capsule Promotion: Encourage customers to participate in a “time capsule” promotion by sending in their favorite retro memorabilia related to your brand or organization. Feature the best entries in your marketing materials, and consider rewarding the oldest or best entry.


  1. Classic Comic Book: Craft a custom comic book that narrates a story or adventure with your brand or products as the central focus. Distribute it as a limited-edition collectible for fans to keep for years to come.

A well-executed retro campaign can create a memorable experience for your customers and leave a lasting impression on your brand. Remember to tailor your throwback direct mail campaign to your target audience and make it engaging and interactive. Incorporate nostalgic elements that resonate with your brand and the values you want to convey while having a bit of fun and engaging the audience.


Kirkwood Direct is no stranger to nostalgia, and we love any chance to go back in time with our customers. Our rich history and talented team of creatives would love to stop, collaborate and listen (90s music fans, see what we did there…?!) with you.  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form

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