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Unique Promotional Items To Include In Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Add some flair to your next direct mail campaign! Stay a step ahead of the competition—and stand out! You can do this by adding a promotional item with your next direct mail package. These promotional products, are tangible (and often fun) objects that would include your company logo or message.

An estimated 88% of those who receive promotional products via direct mail remember the name of the advertiser, while 83% of recipients like receiving these little gifts. With the help of a professional and experienced direct mail company such as Kirkwood Direct, promotional products can be incredibly useful and effective in generating sales and loyal customers.

There are so many promotional products that you could include in your next direct mail campaign—below are just a few to think about.

Promotional Material For Direct Mail Campaigns


  • Calendars. People love staying organized and on schedule. Calendars that display your company’s logo or message across each page is a great way for your customers to be constantly reminded of your product or service.
  • USB Flash Drives. With everyone downloading songs, photos and videos these days, extra digital storage space is a hot commodity. Display your company’s message or logo on these otherwise small tech devices.
  • Food Gifts. Let’s face it: everyone loves food — especially when it’s free. Individually-wrapped cookies, assorted candies, or jars of preserves with your brand name and logo on the label is a great way to win the hearts of your audience.
  • Bottle Openers. Talk about a useful item to have both in the home and on the go. Many of our clients with an adult audience have opted for bottle openers with keychains; that way they are always within reach and your logo/message always within eyesight.
  • Product Samples. Do you sell makeup or skin care products? Send some samples along with your direct mail piece. If you’re involved in interior or exterior remodeling, send a color pallet you’ve designed. This is a great chance to be creative and give your customers a better idea of what you’re trying to sell.
  • Microfiber Cloths. These are used to wipe down fogged car mirrors, sunglasses, reading glasses or electronic devices. You can find them and your message all over the place!
  • Water Bottles. Everyone uses them! And an added bonus—they have plenty of surface space to get creative with logos and slogans. A water bottle will last for years and is more likely than any other item to be carried outside of the house.
  • Magnets. Work in the service industry? Magnets are a great opportunity to constantly remind your customers that you’re there if they need you. Electricians opting for glow-in-the-dark magnets for when the power goes out, or a magnet that looks like a roofing shingle for a roofing company. Magnets are an opportunity to get creative.
  • Seasonal Items. Whether it’s the 4th of July, the holiday season, or football is starting, seasonal items are a great way to personalize your direct mail campaign. Opt for seasonal themed 3-dimensional objects, such as a pumpkin or a football stress reliever. And of course, it will include your brand name, slogan and logo.


Interested in delving a bit further into some of these ideas? Kirkwood Direct is here to help you brainstorm the best promotional item for your audience, brand, and budget. Contact us today and we’ll guide you through the entire direct mail campaign process from start to finish.

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