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The Trust Factor: #1 Marketing Tool for New Customer Acquisition

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For long-time readers of our blog, this won’t be a shock to you, but in a recent study conducted, the authors found that the number one tool for new customer acquisition was direct mail. Further, the same study found that over 60% of direct mail recipients surveyed took action on the direct mail piece they received on the same day. That’s powerful.

It’s no shock to us as it’s hard to trust what you see online, especially now where everything is targeted at you based on demographics, and there are a lot of sites that are not reputable. Knowing which brands to trust is hard, but if the brand has a multi-channel marketing strategy that sends direct mail to the consumer and then follows up online (we suggest email, and these survey results agree), it results in a significantly stronger relationship with the new customers. 

Whether a company is new or seasoned, they always need to build trust with consumers. Savvy consumers do a lot of research, and when that research is solely online, they often end up directed to competitors and don’t understand the value of what the brand they started with offers. Having something physical in their hands that they are compelled to look at goes a long way to keeping them focused on the product or service the brand wants them to focus on. It’s also a great jumping-off point to send the consumer where you want them to go. Consider a QR code to send them to a video, demonstration site, or a great offer, so they’re no longer a non-customer. 


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