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The Dos and Don’ts of Political Mailing

Political mailing can be a delicate process. People take their politics seriously – and their candidates to go with it. Making big mistakes in your political mailing can be costly and damaging to the campaign. Skip the big mistakes by learning the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts of political mailing. 

Do: Be Aware of Time

There’s nothing like getting political mail in your box a week after election day. Losing track of time is a vital mistake resulting in huge losses. Be sure that you are always aware of your place in the timeline and how to get everything out on time, done right, and without issues. Remember, you can’t always count on the mail to deliver as planned, so work some extra space on your timetable. 

Do: Provide Personalization

How often have you received a generic piece of mail addressed to “customer” or “neighbor” and tossed it in the recycling bin without opening it? It’s a common occurrence! Personalizing your political mailings goes a long way in getting that piece of mail seen. Not only should personalization capture more attention, but it also adds value. 

Don’t: Use Random Stock Photos

Stock photos are easy-to-use images and can be successful if you’re running a blog or mailing business pamphlets. When you’re trying to get a person elected for office, stock photos aren’t going to cut it. Voters want to see pictures of the individual that wants their vote. An honest, quality image allows the voter to catch a glimpse of who they might be voting for. 

Don’t: Send Mail to Non-Voters

It can be wasteful to send political mail to someone that would never vote for your candidate. Consider your target market before sending out mass mailings. The ones to skip may include:

  • Non-voters
  • Dedicated party members on the other side
  • An already guaranteed vote

Instead, aim to reach the undecided voters. The middle of the road people that a superior marketing campaign could sway are the ones that will find political mailing most impactful. This is where the mailers are vital to the campaign. 

Do: Aim for a Fluid Campaign

A disjointed and discombobulated campaign can be apparent to voters. When the television ad differs significantly from the mail, it can cause confusion and distrust. Your campaign must be on the same page in every aspect. When things fail to align, problems are sure to ensue. 

Get Direct Mail Help

Whether this is your first time running a campaign or your tenth, Kirkwood Direct is the expert direct mail company you want to contact for help on your next campaign. With the necessary experience and knowledge of direct mail, your campaign will go off without a hitch! Reach out by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form for more information today. 

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