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The Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Marketing

Do or do not, there is no try, right? Well, in marketing, that’s not always the case. When working on your direct marketing campaigns, you’re going to have to try some new things to see what produces the best results. That said, there are some key do’s and do not’s that you should always follow:


  • Do repeat what has worked. If you have a signature marketing campaign that has consistently provided strong results, freshen it up and roll it out again.
  • Do not stop marketing to someone just because they didn’t take action. Did you know it can take 8-10 touches before a consumer acts? It can be that the timing isn’t right, they are on the fence, it’s not financially feasible, or maybe it’s just not right for them. The good news is that if it’s not right for them, it might be suitable for someone they know, so do not stop marketing to them unless they ask you to or you’ve gotten past at least 8-10 touches using various direct marketing methods (direct mail, targeted emails, freebies, etc.)
  • Do be sure you can track and measure your direct marketing campaign. It can be very easy to track if you have a designated coupon/discount code, website, or phone number. If you’re running part of your campaign on a sign or billboard, be sure that when you hear from people, you’re asking how they heard about you so you can still track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Do not market to people who have asked to be removed from your lists. While it may be tempting to avoid list cleanup, you may be in violation of the law if you market to consumers who have explicitly asked to be removed from your list. Direct marketing and direct mail providers can scrub your list against removal lists, as well as lists that track deceased individuals and those who have moved to be sure you have excellent data quality for your marketing list.
  • Do use your data to your advantage. Personalize marketing wherever possible based on preferences, location, history, special events or milestones, even favorite colors… whatever you collect, there’s a great way to use it!
  • Do not rely on only one form of direct marketing. While many feel that email marketing is the “only” way to go given its low-cost nature, it’s not always the most effective when it’s on its own. Inboxes today are filled with mail, and it’s all too easy to swipe and delete. Combining email marketing with direct mail, for example, is a great way to be sure you get double the face time and ensure that your brand is recognized, read, and opened.

Do utilize complimentary marketing consulting services when they are available to you. Need any ideas on a list you can buy? Want to figure out how best to use the data you have? Curious if your latest postcard design is a do or a don’t? Let’s chat! Kirkwood Direct is here to consult with you on all things direct marketing; from print to post office and digital to delivery, we do it all.

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