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The Best Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

If you’re reading this, you most likely have the same “OH NO!” thought that many marketers and organizations in general have around this time of year. That ‘it’s “the most wonderful time of year” and I have not done enough (or any) marketing for it’ feeling. Don’t fret, we’ve got THREE (yes 3!) tried and true ideas for you that can not only soothe the stress, but that can also capitalize on being forgetful or last minute. In that spirit, let’s get right to it because if you haven’t had time to work on it, you probably don’t have a ton of time to read either 😉 

  1. Make light of the fact that it’s late, and capitalize on it! – Using a bit of humor and showcasing your own fault to be late marketing can calm others nerves and show them that you are the right partner for them. A postcard showcasing one offer or product focused on the last minute nature of the time of year such as free expedited shipping, complimentary gift wrap, or in-person delivery helps soothe stressed customers who are as last minute as you are and it doesn’t take a lot of extra money or effort for you to make it work so you don’t need a long time to plan.
  2. Want to send a card? Send a “Happy New Year” card! – There’s always a reason to celebrate and you can still wish them the best for the year ahead with a Happy New Year card that will stand out from the pack because they won’t have received it with the mass of holiday cards received between thanksgiving and the end of the year. Real signatures matter, but you may be short on time (hence why you’re reading this we assume), so ask your print partner about using digital signatures. We make them look like the real thing (because they are!) and our customers rave about not having to hand sign hundreds or thousands of cards. The personal touch goes a long way.

Reward lateness – That sounds weird, we know, but hear us out. If you are slammed during the holiday season, offer a reward for those who can wait to work with or purchase from you. A discount or free add-on if they’re willing to wait until January or whenever things calm down for you goes a long way and you’ll find many customers who are willing to wait, so give them the option and watch the list grow.

See…it’s not all bad. Last minute doesn’t have to be stressful, you can make the most of it and turn a potential stress into success. Happy Holidays!

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