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Sending Your First Direct Mail Campaign

Your initial direct mail campaign may seem like a daunting task. Automation of direct mail offers a lot more than a quick and flawless process. Imagine having all the post office features at your fingertips, but faster, more precisely, and much more successfully.

Here is a detailed explanation and step-by-step procedure that can help you set up your profile and send your first direct mail campaign:

Set Up Your Profile

The initial step is to set up your profile to send your first direct mail campaign. You can select your default campaign return address and set up emails to receive system and billing notifications. Once you’ve set your profile, add your billing information to get started. Save your profile and update your password to save your crucial login information. 

Setup Online Tracking

To measure the success of your campaign, it is recommended to set up online tracking, QR code checking, and personalized URLs to get a detailed insight. This helps you track online visitors by installing a tracking code, setting up a domain, and integrating your CRM. Whenever anyone uses your link for mail, you will instantly get access to tracking their movement and behavior on your website. 

Import Your List

Each campaign for tailored direct mail begins with a mailing list. Uploading a contact list with all of your client’s data is simple. Clients can import lists straight from HubSpot or Salesforce, as well as from CSV/Excel files. The time and effort required to keep an expanding email list are cut in half by integrating with a CRM solution.

Create Your Template

Users can develop new templates or choose from a collection of prebuilt templates. In addition to using the online editor, users can create and upload their custom templates using visual design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Just ensure you export the creative as photos adhering strictly to the requirements for a design that is provided.

Create Your Campaign

Now you can create your campaign using the options available to you. Mostly there are three kinds of drives available on most campaigning servers. 

  • Smart Send campaigns work through lists imported on online servers of the websites. 
  • Triggered Drip campaigns that are driven by a Marketing automation tool or CRM.
  • FTP Batch Drip campaigns combine two concepts: sending lists through FTP and then dripping out individual mailers. 

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