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Marketing Your Comeback: Reopening After COVID Closures

It’s starting to feel as though there’s light at the end of the tunnel as the welcome news many business owners have been hoping for trickles out; state-wide closures or occupancy reductions and restrictions are, or will likely soon be, lifted. 

We can hear it now, your “fight song”. You’ve done everything necessary to make it through what has been one of the most challenging events to ever face us and now your comeback is upon us. Are you ready? We are!

As you get ready to officially and/or fully re-open, remember some key tips to get foot traffic in the door:

  1. Plan a date, even if it’s far off, to celebrate in some way. You could give away small promotional items or offer a discount to anyone who comes to say hello or spend a few dollars.
  2. Send out an oversized postcard so it stands out in their mailbox. Your list should include anyone on your customer list, including former customers, as well as any prospects you have. You can also buy a list of locals who have similar interests to your current customer base.
  3. Personalize it as much as you can, and really show off pride for spending locally. The big key is reminding everyone to pump dollars in locally, even if you are a regional or national brand. Personalization plays in huge there. The comeback stories that people want to be apart of are right in their backyards.
  4. Decorate! Banners, balloons, photo backdrops, floor decals, outdoor signage… all fun ways to welcome people back, show off that area pride, and make sure you stand out as folks drive and walk by.
  5. Market again…it can be another party (are there ever too many parties?!), a different discount to those who you mailed to that didn’t come in or spend, or just a thank you, but never stop marketing. No matter how good business gets, it can always be better and you don’t want to lose momentum.

Need more ideas? We love coming up with new and innovative ways to help our clients succeed with anything we’ve listed above and so much more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. But in the meantime, we’d love to know… what’s your plan for a comeback? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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