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Made You Look! 3 Creative Direct Mail Ideas for 2023

Direct mail is back and stronger than ever. There’s a craving for getting something you can hold that doesn’t require you to stare at a screen, but when more mail pieces show up in a mailbox, you want to make sure yours stands out. Give us 2 minutes, and we’ll give you three ideas to make
sure you stand out in the mailbox:

  • 1. Lumpy mail: We have to lead with this one because it’s as weird of a concept as it sounds, but you can easily stand out this way. The post office allows you to mail almost anything so long as you do it correctly. You can send teddy bears, flip flops, a Rubik’s cube, a piece of wood… the list goes on and on. But it’s something that no one can ignore in their mailbox and a great way to get instant attention
  • 2. Pop-out mail: As a kid, it was always so fun to pop out paper dolls or valentine’s day cards from their “shell”, and you can recreate that fun for adults of all ages. 3D glasses as part of a 3D mailer, a gift card or coupon card, or a fun piece to build and display, your recipients can share their fun on social media and get more attention from their network
  • 3. Practical (and useful!) mail: Who doesn’t appreciate getting something they can actually use? A pack of sticky notes, calendars, magnets, schedules for local events, pens, rules… the list goes on and on, but something that has your brand on it and items that are useful is sure to be kept and stand out. We know these ideas will surely make your recipients look and smile when they open their mailboxes and have no choice but to interact.

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