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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Over the last two decades, we have heard this question time and time again; “Is Direct Mail dead?” The short answer is no, it’s very much alive, and if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve probably gotten the idea that we very much believe that Direct Mail is amidst a renaissance. When email marketing came onto the scene, and many people started to figure it out, so many were singing the timeless REM tune “it’s the end of the world as we know it…” but it wasn’t. Email marketing was a shiny ball for a while; Then, it became very overwhelming for end-users as companies, mainly retailers, were sending multiple emails a day, and spam email was running rampant. In 2003 when the CAN-SPAM law was passed, a national standard was set for the regulation of spam email. 

At that point, many saw that direct mail was actually a better method to reach their customers and prospects. What’s harder to ignore – the line in an inbox with a sender name and a subject that you can swipe to delete or a large postcard or envelope that’s on the kitchen table? Clearly, it’s impossible to ignore direct mail, you have to read it, and that has paid dividends for senders and continues to this day. 

There are tips and tricks to make sure the mail you send is read, and there are still regulations that need to be followed. Still, the big difference between email marketing and direct mail marketing is that there are a lot of DIY email marketing services that don’t help organizations maximize their returns or stay compliant. In contrast, direct mail marketing requires the assistance of a qualified partner who can maximize returns, ensure compliance with USPS standards, save money on postage, and provide solid advice. 


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