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Insert Media and It’s Advantages

Insert media is one of the most effective forms of direct marketing, allowing you to get your materials in front of your audience without spending your entire budget.

Types of Insert Media Campaigns

Insert media campaigns can be included in a number of different types of mail or media, including catalogs, newspapers, package inserts and statement inserts.

Benefits of Insert Media Campaigns

There are many benefits to insert media campaigns for both you and your customers, including:

  • More cost-effective than other campaigns. The cost of printing and distributing inserts is extremely manageable, and you can share the cost of postage with other advertisers who are sending out flyers and postcards in the same mailing.
  • You can send out inserts at any time throughout the year, allowing you to get a leg up on the competition by sending out inserts weeks or even months ahead of time.
  • More flexibility than other mailers. Inserts can be printed in nearly any size or shape, giving you an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Your insert can be a simple flyer, postcard or even a small booklet advertising your products and services.
  • More welcomed than other forms of mail. Inserts, especially those in a newspaper, are often delivered with mail sent to paid subscribers. Because of the list they are sent to, your insert is more likely to be read than a cold flyer sent to random potential clients.

Insert Media Printing & Distribution

If you are interested in having inserts printed for your business, contact Kirkwood Direct today! We will be able to print and distribute your inserts for a number of publications and applications. For a quote, please call Kirkwood Direct at (978) 642-0300.

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