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How to Show Your Customers You are Thankful for Them

This time of year makes most of us reflect on what we are thankful for, and for us, we are pretty clear every year; it’s our people and our customers. We would be nothing without both, and we work hard to thank them for their hard work and trust. We also hear from many of our great clients that they want a unique way to show their thanks to their customers so we thought we’d share some of those ideas with you:

  • Thank you card: This seems cheesy and obvious, we get it, but honestly, a note goes a long way. We have done personalized cards for anywhere from a hundred to a hundred thousand customers and we can use your handwriting on the card and on the envelope for an added personal touch. People still genuinely appreciate getting a card in the mail, and this time of year, they often get hung up. Want to take it a step further? Purchase some artwork from a local charity to use on the front of the card so you’re not only spreading thanks but also showcasing a favorite cause. 
  • Swag: Branded gear is another obvious choice, but elevate it by being thoughtful about what you provide and how you package it. For example, if your customer is in Arizona, a warm winter hat or coat probably doesn’t speak to them. Coffee mugs are a pretty universal gift but include a major coffee chain gift card or a personalized package of coffee to complete the gift. Right now, there is a very popular travel mug that folks love to gift and get that starts with a Y and is also a name for an abominable snowman 🙂 Beyond coffee mugs, personalized notebooks or portfolios embossed with the recipient’s name are sure to get a lot of use, as are fun laptop stickers, water bottles, or portable chargers.
  • Donations: Many organizations want to make a difference and amplify their donations to causes they care about as much as possible. One way to increase your donation is to funnel money you budgeted for customer gifts into your donation. From there, you can send a holiday card or postcard letting them know that a donation was made in their name in lieu of a physical gift—Don’t forget to share why the cause is so important and whether it was directed towards a specific initiative. 
  • Food Truck: If your customer’s location is all in-person, reach out to your primary contact and offer to send a food or ice cream truck in and cover a delicious snack or treat for all of their employees. Be sure to provide the truck with a sign to put out that shares that the snack is complements of your organization, and step it up a notch with personalized disposable napkins. You’ll be the talk of the office!

  • Tickets: Whether it’s to an event, for a flight, or the movies, sending tickets out is something that will be appreciated immediately and after the event. You can even personalize the tickets or the type or amount based on the employee or their location.

At the end of the day, a simple thank you goes a long way. To our readers, customers, and Kirkwood Direct team, we’d also like to share a big thank you to all of you.



Need help to brainstorm ideas on how to best show your gratitude to your customers, or ready to execute one of these ideas? Kirkwood Direct can help with all of it!

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