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How to Incorporate Direct Mail into Your Marketing Funnel

Direct mail can be an instrumental tool in your marketing strategy to convert prospects to loyal customers. It is evident that customers are the lifeblood of many businesses. Building a lasting relationship with prospects and existing customers without an effective marketing funnel won’t be easy. However, this is achievable with direct mail incorporated into your funnel.

This guide will show how you can implement direct mail at every stage of your funnel to generate effective results.

Strengthening your Bond with Prospects Using Direct Mail

Knowing well that every customer starts as a stranger to any brand, utilizing personalized messages throughout the stages can make it a successful campaign. The five stages of marketing funnels include

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy


Awareness comes first in the marketing funnel. It has to do with enlightening prospects about your brand and its proposed value. This is people’s first contact with your brand, so you should never hurry to advertise your products. The best thing you can do at this stage is to create brand awareness by capitalizing on what prospects feel is amiss in their lives. This is the point you need direct mail to provide relevant information, guidance, and advice to them. Once they can relate to what you share, you begin to gain their trust.


At this point, prospects need suitable solutions to their wants. Based on the awareness you created with direct mail earlier, your brand is gaining consideration from the users. Here comes the need to strategize to create specific content, particularly case studies, demonstrations, and testimonies, to convince prospects about your value proposition. By doing this, your potential customers can get a realistic view of products and understand how they can satisfy their wants.


Now that your specific content has won the prospects over, you need the right call to action to get them to buy what you sell. You need direct mail at this stage to turn prospects into customers. So, your content should concentrate on sales by incorporating exclusive offers into your direct mail. Discounts and coupons with a catchy call to action are essential in the messages you send to the prospects.


Once you have the prospects converted to customers after a purchase, you need to plan a retention strategy to keep them loyal to your brand. You want them to return for subsequent purchases. This is far more efficient than gaining new customers. Direct mail can help you achieve this by sending appreciative messages to your existing customers. You can go as far as offering discounts on their next purchase or using special promotions and gifts.


With the aid of direct mail, your loyal customer can become an advocate for your brand. Your products begin to spread to new prospects without much effort as your brand advocates introduce them to family and friends. Use direct mail to send personalized mail showing you appreciate them. Remind them of their birthdays if they subscribe to your mailing list. Request reviews and ask for feedback on existing and new products. Their responses will be ideal for improvement.

If you ever need direct mail marketing, Kirkwood Direct has extensive experience handling these campaigns. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to see how we can help you incorporate direct mail marketing into your marketing funnel.

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