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How to Choose a Secure Print/Direct Mail Vendor

With new data protection regulations in place, handling private customer information is a sensitive task and mishandling the information can have devastating consequences. When working with vendors, ensuring this information is being handled with the utmost care is crucial. At Kirkwood Direct, we take the confidentiality and integrity of your data as serious as you do and take steps to ensure that it is safe.

If you’re having difficulty evaluating a secure print/direct mail vendor, here are some things to look for:

  1. The vendor has infrastructure and procedures in place to maintain, protect, and ensure your data is secure. Some of these procedures will include a clean desk policy, disaster recovery plan, privacy policy, an acceptable use policy, and physical plant security.
  2. The vendor has technological security measures in place that include secure file transfer, secure email, network security, and routine system monitoring. Encryption of data at rest. Systems in place to monitor that all security patches are updated.
  3. The vendor has third-party security audits such as HIPAA Complaint, SOC 2 Type II Certified, internal vulnerability audits, as well as external and internal penetration tests.
  4. The vendor maintains a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure all information is treated as confidential as possible. Always make sure the vendor also withholds information from third parties.
  5. All employees receive a background check to minimize internal threats. All background checks should include check for criminal records, civil litigation, SSN verification, credit and bankruptcy.
  6. The vendor offers a broad scope of services to ensure all of your project needs are completed in house.

Questions to ask a potential vendor:

  • Does your company have experience with our industry and do you understand our specific needs?
  • What quality management processes do you have in place to ensure consistency of quality and meeting deadlines?
  • What data security certifications and audits do you have?

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