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How B2B Companies Can Benefit From Direct Mail Marketing

While direct mail may not seem like an effective approach in this day and age, it can prove to be very beneficial. The following factors prove that ‘snail mail’ is enjoying an excellent success rate:

  • It has a 37% higher response rate than electronic mail
  • Direct mail boosted ROI by 20 percent while working with multi-channel campaigns
  • It yields a 28% higher rate when used along with digital ads

It is proving to be successful for many marketing campaigns due to being a physical form of advertising. It can deliver a message of time, commitment, and effort that today’s consumers hardly find in many forms of marketing that are common these days. And while direct mail and digital mail can be super effective as a combination, people of all ages pay more attention to traditional direct mail methods.

Since it can be super beneficial, let’s have a look at some direct mail campaigns and how B2B companies can leverage them to get a higher marketing success rate.

Brand Awareness

It is very likely for startup B2B companies to be unknown to their target audience. Direct mail can significantly help you build brand awareness if you are just starting off. It is a great way to introduce your business to an audience. 

A good way of leveraging direct mail is to provide relevant information that your target audience may want instead of calling them to action. This way, you can be friendlier and attract more customers or clients. However, you can still add some incentives in your direct mail. As a B2B company, you can also send informational material. 


The work does not stop even once you find a big client or customer. You must immediately develop strategies to turn them into an ambassador for your product or service. But how can you get them to represent your company? Well, the world of direct mail has a lot to offer when it comes to advocacy. 

You can use advocacy mail to send products to your customers or clients. Make sure you personalize the goodies if you want to see significant positive results. Many instances reveal that customers respond better to new offers and products when brands use personalization strategies. 


Another benefit of direct mail that you can leverage as a B2B company is appointment mailers. These types of promotional materials aim to have a meeting with their customer or client. At this stage, make sure you focus on converting leads into opportunities for your brand. 

So, appointment mail should have attention-grabbing incentives and calls to action. Make sure you come up with unique ideas that your customers find hard to resist. For instance, you can promise them a product they will receive at the actual meeting. 


If you are a B2B company looking to leverage mail marketing, get in touch with the expert team at Kirkwood Direct. We are a comprehensive data, printing, and distribution company helping businesses of all sizes execute results-driven direct mail, print, and digital communication programs. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our services

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