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Growing Your Brand Amidst a Global Pandemic

It’s often said that there’s never truly a “good” time to start or continue to forge ahead in a business, but when that’s said, we can’t imagine anyone thought it would include a global pandemic which most of us have never had to endure, until now. So how do you succeed and exceed your expectations in today’s climate? The answer seems too simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye; marketing

With any good business marketing strategy, be sure you include these four strategies to ensure you maximize your goals:

  1. Market your business and products on a monthly basis and don’t stop for anything: Even when you’re busy with loads of customers (hello…good problem to have right there!), don’t wait until you see a drop to market to new and existing customers. Your marketing strategy must include monthly multi-channel marketing (various forms of mail, digital, and advertising), focusing on a product, offer, or press. Having cash flow issues? No worries! Send a small postcard with a hook pushing them to a page on your site to maximize your marketing dollars. 
  2. Capture data every chance you get: Don’t have an email address? Send a quick postcard with a great offer (coupon, sweepstakes entry, etc.), and as soon as they hit that page on your site, capture their email address to get them to the offer. Don’t have a mailing address? Ask your marketing partner to attempt to retrieve it or reverse the abovementioned strategy and send an email with a great offer requiring their physical mailing address. This ensures that you are able to market over multiple channels.
  3. Retargeted marketing: With retargeting set up on your site, you can easily follow up with them with targeted advertisements, email, or any form of mail. For example, let’s say you are a car dealer, and you capture someone on your site building the car of their dreams. Just because they close the site doesn’t mean you can’t grab information to send them marketing materials with the car they personalized, so they have something tangible to hold and review. 
  1. Track and measure: If you cannot track the results of your marketing efforts (it’s not hard, we can tell you how!), stop doing them immediately. Your plan absolutely must include tracking/measuring the results of your campaigns. If you’re not, you could be flushing money down the toilet on things that aren’t working instead of tweaking or reallocating that money to marketing that does work.

Need help getting any of these strategies into play? That’s what we do day in and day out, and we’d love to add you to our list of successful clients. Give Kirkwood Direct a call today to learn more! 


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