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Equipment Feature: RICOH Pro & MCS Inkjet

Kirkwood Direct is dedicated to providing clients direct marketing campaigns with the highest-quality print. We continue investing in technology and equipment that meets our client’s needs.  Below we are featuring two of our most recent investments that increase our efficiency in print, production while maintaining our commitment to quality control.

RICOH Pro VC60000 Digital Web Printing System

The RICOH Pro VC6000 is used to streamline the printing process and enhance our variable data printing (VDP) technology. Kirkwood Direct has implemented Expanded Gamut Inks by RICOH, becoming the first VDP printer across New England to switch to the new ink. Expanded Gamut Ink is denser than other water-based inks, using more colorants to dry quicker and crisper. This ink also supports the RAPID dryer, reducing the chance of curls, bleeding and smudges across your marketing materials. This printer supports a range of file formats and paper stocks, producing high-quality pieces for your direct mail campaigns. RICOH Pro VC6000 can be configured to meet the needs of any customer and any campaign, allowing us to provide you with a completed vision for the best results.

Pitney Bowes RS-Flex High-Speed Intelligent Inserter with Camera match & MCS Inkjet

Kirkwood Direct has two High-Speed Intelligent Inserters, which are further equipped with camera match and MCS inkjet technology for the highest levels of productivity and integrity for your direct mail campaign. Our MCS Inkjet is equipped with unique components that all but eliminate errors and malfunction. The SecureTrack provides an electronic link to different points across the machine including the internal logic of the inserter. This allows the printer to track the exact location of each piece of mail throughout the printing and insertion process. The MicroVision camera is the smallest available in the printing industry, capturing images of the barcode on each piece and transmitting it through to each output as well as the host CPU. The Integrated Host Processor then coordinates all of the information being sent through with the database to avoid errors throughout the process. However, if something does occur, the system is intelligent enough to track missed or removed pieces during paper jams and even defective or duplicated pieces for an efficient and effective campaign.

Direct Mail Campaigns & Printing in Massachusetts & New York

If you are interested in running a direct mail campaign, contact Kirkwood Direct today. Our company specializes in high-speed variable data printing (VDP), allowing us to quickly print, assemble and distribute high-volume campaigns across the country. For a quote on our services, please call Kirkwood Direct by calling (978) 642-0300.

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