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Driving Down the Cost of Targeted Marketing Programs

It may seem counterintuitive to be reading an article about how to spend less on your targeted marketing programs on our site, but our goal is always to help our customers maximize their investments through efficiencies that we have mastered over the years. What’s the secret? Read on, we’re going to share…

A service company, who we are proud to call customers, has saved six-figures with us thanks to our expert planning and logistics. When handling a targeted marketing program, the goal has to be to get your customers to take an action. That could mean visiting a landing page on your website, using a coupon in a store or online, calling to learn more about an offer, or even taking advantage of it. In the case of the service company, they ask would-be customers to call in. As you can imagine, a large mailing requires a lot of people to be able to take those calls without a prospect waiting on hold for a long period of time. It is extremely costly to pay those employees when you don’t need them in a scenario like this, so we partnered with them to be able to achieve a savings of over $300,000. Let that sink in, that’s a lot of money. We have the technology available to know exactly when direct mail that’s part of a targeted marketing program will arrive in prospects homes and we’ve got it down to a science. No company can afford to hope they pick the right timeline for when that marketing mail arrives; hope is not a strategy. If you know the exact dates your direct mail will arrive in prospects (or customers) homes, you can:

    • Staff appropriately for call centers, chat agents, and in-store employees
    • Ensure that promotions are not being received too early so they aren’t forgotten
    • More accurately predict cash flow
    • Follow-up with recipients by phone or email to discuss what they have received
    • Time subsequent direct mail that is part of the campaign to avoid overlap
    • …and so much more!

Ready to save money on your targeted marketing programs and become an expert planner? Let’s chat about how our talented planning and logistics can save your company money, frustration, and time. To get started, contact our team at Kirkwood Direct at (978) 642-0300.

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