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Direct Mail & How It Can Boost Ecommerce Sales

In a world where it’s easy to reach customers online but customer engagement is lacking, it can be difficult trying to determine what your E-commerce marketing strategy is missing. Perhaps you’ve tried paid online advertising, re-marketing and social media campaigns as well as email marketing blasts. One crucial marketing aspect your E-commerce store may be missing is a direct mail campaign.

According to a 2017 IPC Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey, 44% of consumers that received direct mail from an E-commerce store ended up making an online purchase. One of the best ways to ensure your customers are purchasing your products or services online is through direct mail re-targeting.

What Is Direct Mail Retargeting?

Re-targeting is the process of marketing your product or service to past customers. This generally requires that companies have a list of emails, addresses and other information on hand from which to pull from. At Kirkwood Direct, we also have consumer and business lists available to help you get started with your direct mail campaign. The purpose of direct mail re-targeting is to have another avenue through which to re-expose your audience to your product or service. Many companies will also combine their direct mail with a follow up Email blast or through another digital marketing campaign.

How Direct Mail Boosts Online Sales

With social media algorithms changing post reach for businesses, junk email sorting, and Ad blockers on browsers, it can be difficult to reach your customers online. Direct mail campaigns are an inexpensive alternative to reaching your audience. Colorful, eye-catching, and personable flyers, pamphlets, inserts and magazines work to introduce both your company and what you are trying to sell. With a response rate of nearly 3.7% from direct mail, you can’t go wrong with a re-targeting campaign or introductory campaign as long as you have enlisted the help of a direct mail company such as Kirkwood Direct.

So how do you know if the direct mail campaign is successful for your E-commerce store? At Kirkwood Direct, we have the technology to track and analyze purchases and customers that have come from a direct mail campaign. Specific coupons and deals only related to the direct mail pieces can include QR codes or personalized URLs that customers use to access your E-commerce store. From friendly “Welcome to the neighborhood” mailers to quarterly catalogs highlighting your online sale going on now, there are dozens of different ways to incorporate direct mail into your digital market budget.

Ready to boost your E-commerce sales with the help of a direct mail campaign? Contact Kirkwood Direct and we’ll help you boost online sales with tried and true direct marketing strategies!

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