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Political Direct Mail Services

Get your political campaign seen by everyone, everywhere.


Personalize, print, mail.

Customizable by active voters, geographic, demographic, income, age, political party, registered to vote, and more!

Boost your direct mail response rates up to 46% with digital integration.


Kirkwood Direct has comprehensive direct mail election campaign services. We offer advanced digital enhancements that are guaranteed to drive your campaign further than your competition!


By integrating data intelligence with physical mailpieces, campaigns are empowered to break through the clutter in a way they can’t with digital channels alone.


Letter Packages

Political Postcards


Colors: 4/0

20×28 stappled to 2”48” wood pole

Lawn Sign


4mm Coroplast


H-Stakes supplied


Size: 36”x96”

Colors: 4/0

Standard banner with grommets

Door Hangers

Size: 4″ x 9″

Prints: 4/4 – Digital

Paper: 12pt. C/2S Cover White

Election Mock-Up Self Mailer

Election Mock-Up Letter Package

Political Mail Sample Postcard

Election Mock Up Lawn Sign
Election Mock Up Postcard
Election Mock Up Postcard
Election MockUp Door Hanger

Omni-Target Political Power-Up Services

Kirkwood Direct’s OmniTarget combines direct mail with the raw power of Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. In addition to direct mail, OmniTarget tracks mail and adds multiple impressions for your campaign together under one integrated dashboard system. Our effective channels include:


SocialMatch MATCHES your mailing list to Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Your target market will not only receive the mailing but will be delivered the SAME message in their Facebook feed, even before they visit your website!

Mail Tracking

Be prepared for new calls and online leads by knowing exactly when your mail is hitting mailboxes.

Informed Delivery

This USPS feature allows recipients to see a digital preview of their scheduled mail. The digital preview includes a grayscale image of the mailpiece arriving in the mail that day, along with a full-color ride-along ad – giving you another opportunity to drive campaign conversions.

Call Tracking

Get live updates and recordings of every call received from your direct mail campaign.

Social Media Follow-Up

Increase conversions by pairing your political mailing with marketing messages placed on your target audience’s Facebook and Instagram feeds.

District Targeting

District Targeting is a geographical target of people that are within your voting district on both Google and Social Media. You can also segment that target audience by identifying the highest probable voters. Targeting parameters include: congressional district codes for any specific region (i.e. FL-14), age, and gender.

Discovery Advertising

Discovery ads allow you to advertise prominently across Google’s online properties, including Google’s Discover feed, YouTube, and in the Gmail Promotions Tab.

YouTube Ads

Display video ads right before your prospect watches the newest video from their favorite YouTube channel. This is a perfect way to get your message across!


Never guess again how effective your direct mail campaign was. LEADMatch enables you to track and record all website visitors that came as a result of your mailing and see what actions they took, AND mail to unique visitors who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list!

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