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San Jose, California, is the birthplace of Silicon Valley. This city has always been known for its innovation and technology. Top-tier businesses are based here because of the city’s drive for ideas and growth. It has been ranked #5 in the nation for best city for talent by 

Kirkwood Direct is excited to work with San Jose businesses to provide results-driven direct mail marketing campaign services. San Jose businesses must create genuine and meaningful relationships with their current clientele and prospective customers. Our expert team is equipped to work with companies in tech and across industries to create successful direct mail services. 

Our Direct Mail & Print Marketing Services in San Jose, CA

Direct mail marketing campaigns require exceptional thought, planning, and execution. Our Kirkwood team has provided direct mail, data comprehension, and print-making services for over twenty years for various businesses throughout all industries. We are proud to work with companies of all types and sizes to produce affecting and lucrative communication with current and prospective customers. Kirkwood Direct is a genuine single-source direct mail provider. Our team can take on every detail of your direct mail campaign, from data management to postal optimization and everything in between. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to create meaningful, personal communication with your specific audience and ultimately drive revenue. Because of our data expertise and in-house printing and processing capabilities, we are able to produce and distribute any mailing program of any size or complexity anywhere in the world. 

A few of the industries we extend our direct mail and print marketing services to include but are not limited to:

Our direct mail and print marketing services include but are not limited to:

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Our expert team at Kirkwood Direct is excited to work with San Jose businesses to create results-driven, effective direct mail campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about our services or working with Kirkwood Direct today, be sure to give us a call at (978) 642-0300 or fill out our online contact form