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Did You Know Seasons Can Influence Your Mail Marketing Campaigns?

It’s true; your direct mail marketing campaigns are affected by the seasons of the year. First, of course, there’s the natural worry that weather can affect the delivery time of your marketing campaigns, such as a snowstorm delaying your mailers arriving on time. Still, the coloring and other subtle components of mail marketing also need to jive with the seasons. 

This post will talk about all of the nuances that will make the best of your advertising budget for mail marketing.

Seasonal Styles and Messaging

When it comes to direct mail marketing, marketers will think about the what and the whom but forget the nuances of when they send things. For example, sending tax reminders during the Fall isn’t the best option. 


A mail marketing campaign through the spring ought to be cheerful and bright; consider using pastel colors. The reason for making things bright and colorful is that everyone just got done sitting indoors over the winter. 

Bottom line: your spring materials should feel light and breezy in terms of vibe. 

Concentrate on posting about summer events during the final month or so of springtime since this will give readers enough lead time to plan for any summer events.


Just like spring, the summer is a cheerful time of year. Everyone is enjoying the sun; consequently, consumers still want to see bright colors. However, the colors (although still bright) should change from more pastels to more yellows, reds, and oranges. 

Also, mailing reminders for all summer events is vital to ensure consumers still attend any events. 


The weather begins cooling during the autumn months. Children and parents are about to start the school year after enjoying their summer vacations. During autumn, the leaves on trees change colors, pumpkins are around, crops are harvested, and so on. That said, the colors on mailers should reflect those colors with orange (darker than oranges used during summer), yellow (again, darker), brown, and even black (especially around Halloween). 

If you’re having holiday events for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., you need to have these mentioned in Fall mailers (earlier in the season, the better). 


Now that everyone is bundled up and inside, consider these elements in your mailers; for example, colors can include red, green, white, silver, blue, and other festive colors for holidays and snow. 

Also, be sure to mention holiday event reminders early on in winter to ensure your consumers stay aware of events and donation periods.

Seasonal Mail Marketing With Us!

We give an expanded palette of options to customize your mail marketing campaign. For example, we recommend the most desirable supplies and the most valuable mailers, depending on the season and your information in the mailer. 

Additionally, we possess a comprehensive variety of colors to better coordinate your communication with the time of year. 

Let us help with your seasonal mailers! Our team of experts at Kirkwood Direct has extensive experience in the industry, so give us a call or fill out our online contact form to launch your prime-time mailers!

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