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Best Practices for Financial Services Direct Mail Campaigns

Marketing is hard work, and even more so for financial services. Direct mail campaigns can prove to be a great way to go about it, but you need to make sure that you’re doing it the right way if you want to get results. Follow these best practices to make sure your direct mail campaigns for financial services go according to plan. 

Get Emotional

It’s easy to think that we are all logical beings who base our decisions on cold, hard facts, but the truth is that humans are often more motivated by emotion than anything else. When creating your campaigns, think about the emotions that drive people to purchase: greed, guilt, fear, anger, salvation, flattery, and exclusivity. A campaign that makes recipients feel one of these emotions will do wonders for your results. Be careful not to lean too negatively in the campaign; if you focus on a negative emotion like fear or anger, you should present your service as a solution to combat it and leave an overall positive feeling. 

Talk Benefits

Before signing up for a product or service, clients and customers are likely to ask, “what’s in it for me?” Your campaign should directly address the benefits that people will experience from the financial service you offer. Will they be able to save money? Improve their credit? Whatever their benefit is, make sure it comes across loud and clear in your direct mail campaign. 

Relay Credibility

Even if your company touts incredible benefits, potential customers may wonder if it’s a legitimate offer – especially if it sounds too good to be true. To help customers see what you can do for them, build your brand credibility and show evidence. For example, if you have great reviews from Forbes, NerdWallet, the Better Business Bureau, or others, include those logos and institution names. Anecdotal reviews from current customers can help but may be less powerful in building trust than an official endorsement. 

Compare With the Competition

Your customers will likely want to know how your service stacks up against other institutions. You can make this easier for them by doing the comparison yourself. If you know your service’s standout offerings, include a graph, chart, or infographic to show recipients how the competition compares. Making the research readily available means customers don’t’ have to waste time doing it themselves – and that makes your service an easy and convenient choice. 

Use Your Data

Not every direct mail campaign is suitable for every customer. Use your demographics data to make your campaign as personalized as possible. This may mean sending out different campaign pieces to different customers, but you’ll see more success in the long run. 


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