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Benefits & Uses Of Wide Format Printing

When it comes down to needing to print something LARGE and not on your typical sheet of paper, your average printer won’t be able to handle the task. This is where Wide Format printing comes in handy. At Kirkwood Direct, our printing company uses the EFI/Vutek GS3250LX Hybrid UV — a state-of-the-art printer whose quality, output, and efficiency is leagues above your typical office printer.

Benefits of Wide Format Printing

Wide format printing offers a variety of benefits for the customer, one of the most obvious being stunning high resolution images on a grand scale. The EFI/Vutek GS3250LX Hybrid UV printer is equipped with innovative ink curing technology which aids in its high quality color and high adhesion for those needing to print panels.

A few benefits of wide format printing include:

  • Faster job turns with high production capacity
  • Eight color options plus white and grayscale technology with better ink utilization
  • Run multiple printing jobs at once with multi-queue functionality
  • Ability to print on sheets, boards or substrates up to 126.5” wide and up to 2” thick
  • Decreased power consumption leads to lower operating costs and therefore lower consumer prices
  • Improves business productivity and profit with web-to-print capabilities

Uses of Wide Format Printing

There are hundreds of reasons for customers to opt for wide format printing, but the end goal is always the same: Make a lasting impression with eye-catching colored displays that will turn heads. Not sure if you need wide format printing for your next project? Here are a few common uses:

  • Banners and posters
  • Business signs and directories
  • Wall art, graphics, coverings, stickers or murals
  • POP displays
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Trade show or exhibition graphics
  • Vending panels
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-purchase graphics

Have another idea that you believe requires the use of wide format printing? Talk to our printing specialists here at Kirkwood Direct. Our printing company will collaborate with you to design and print your next ad or work of art. Request a quote today or give us a call at (978) 642-0300.

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