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About Kirkwood Direct

Since 2007, Kirkwood Direct has been providing our Boston area clients with comprehensive and high-impact end-to-end direct marketing communications. We use a consultative approach to understand the unique needs, requirements, and objectives of every project.

Because we want to build a long-term client relationship with you, we continually strive to deliver superior customer service, on-time deadlines, and flawless execution.

Customizing Your Direct Mailing Experience

To achieve these goals, we’ll assign a team of account experts that will manage the entire process for you, from inception to distribution, providing you with one single point of accountability. In addition, you’ll also benefit from the expertise of our senior management team, who takes an active role in every assignment, drawing on their collective years of experience and industry best practices to ensure the best results in every program.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project so you can benefit from in-depth expertise and hands-on quality service during every phase of your direct marketing communications program.

Customizing Your Direct Mailing Experience

We hire experienced professionals who share our passion and commitment for delivering innovative solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Kirkwood Direct’s management team consists of the 5 principle owners and a management team of industry professionals that bring value and leadership to the organization from multiple disciplines.

Reach out at any of us below to discuss how to we can help you create an effective, high- response program today.

Stephan Duncan
President & General Manager

Robert Medwar
Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Services

Robert Medwar - VP, Sales & Business Services

Ralph Dellatto
Executive Vice President
Sales and Account Services

Ralph Dellatto - VP, Sales & Marketing

James Galante
Executive Vice President

Steve Kuczwara
Executive Vice President Operations & Compliance

Steve Kuczwara - VP, Operations

MaryAnn Flammia
Supervising Account Manager

Richard Moccia
Shipping & Receiving Manager

Al Donato
Data Processing Manager

Al Donato - Data Processing Manager

Paul McClung
IT Manager

Paul McClung - IT Manager

Ellen Maloney
Production Manager

Ellen Maloney - Production Manager

Brenda Wilson
Digital and VDP Manager

Certifications & Associations

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