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Direct mail campaign

5 Small Business Benefits for Using Direct Mail Services

When it comes to outsmarting your competition and attracting more customers, having a unique advertising approach is best. While your competitors may be focused on other marketing strategies, one of the most tried and true methods is direct mail advertising. There are a countless benefits to choosing direct mail – and below are just a few reasons why it will help your small business grow.

Why Choose Direct Mail Advertising

    1. Targeted Audience. Direct mail advertising involves building and curating mailing lists of potential customers within a specific demographic and geographical area, such as Boston. The list can narrow down to age, gender, and even those who have purchased similar products or services to the ones you offer.
    2. Measurable Results. With the help of Kirkwood Direct, our direct mail company in Boston will be able to easily measure the results of your campaign no matter how large or small it may be. Coupons with expiration dates and individualized mailpieces are easily measured and calculated into a profit.
    3. Personalized. Both direct mail and e-marketing strategies have come a long way lately. Thanks to computer algorithms, Kirkwood Direct will personalize each direct mail piece to address the consumer by name to make the interaction more meaningful.
    4. Cost Effective. Our commercial printing company in Boston will help you design a beautiful array of direct mail pieces for your campaign. With our high speed color printing technology, we’re capable of printing thousands of pamphlets, letter heads and other pieces of direct mail at an affordable cost.
    5. Flexible. Don’t like the Half Fold look for your pamphlet? No worries – there’s always the Tri-Fold, Z-Fold and other variations to choose from. The best part about direct mail advertising is it’s flexibility and versatility. This is your chance to get creative with colors, promotional deals, images and the overall presentation. Kirkwood Direct’s designers will work with you to create the most eye-catching and effective direct mail pieces for your small business.




According to the U.S. Postal Service, nearly 55% of Boston area residents are excited to read their mail, especially if it’s personally addressed to them. So what are you waiting for? Get a head start on your competitors this season with an effective direct mail campaign. Contact Kirkwood Direct to request a quote.

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