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3 Reasons to Use Promotional Products

Do you have water bottles or stress balls with a brand’s logo on them around your house? Maybe a couple of pens you use every day? Those are promotional products thoughtfully handed to you by a brand in hopes that you will remember and come back to them. It was found that 80% of consumers in America have one to ten promotional products around their homes. Promotional product marketing is an extremely smart and cost-effective way to get your brand name seen, known, and remembered. Here are the top three reasons why promotional product marketing could be a genius move made by your brand.

1. Brand Awareness

Every time a promotional product your brand handed out is being used, your name is being seen. If the product is wearable or can be used on the go, such as a water bottle or clothing item, you are basically getting brand exposure for free. The consumers will think about your brand every time they are using these products and will expose you to more people every time someone uses or sees the products.

2. Targeted and Customizable

Through promotional products, your brand is able to customize the product being given based on the consumers you are targeting. For example, if you are trying to target people who enjoy reading, you may create a branded bookmark. It is especially important to determine who you want this product going to, in order to really figure out what kind of product the targeted consumer will want to have and appreciate being given.

3. Cost-Effective

Rather than investing in an advertisement that consumers will only take in one time, you are able to provide them with something that causes them to think about your brand every time they see it or use it. When choosing the product you want to give your consumers, keep in mind how long it will last in the long-run. You are spending your money on an advertisement that lives in their home for years rather than something they will only pay attention to when it appears across their screen once.


Promotional products are a worthwhile and long-lasting way to promote your brand or business. For more information, questions, or concerns about promotional products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at  (978) 642-0300.






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