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2022 Direct Mail Trends

Direct mail is becoming a cost-effective marketing strategy that any business can use to boost its ROI. B2B and B2C organizations incorporate direct mail into their business to generate higher returns that surpass their expectations. Digital marketing is doing great, but you can leverage other ways to get information to your customers and prospects. You can adopt direct mail trends in 2022 to move your business forward.

5 Direct Mail Trends of 2022

Below are some direct mail trends you need to know:

  • Personalized Direct Mail is 100%

Prospects and customers feel connected to personalized direct email with genuine information. It is essential to show your brand uniqueness rather than send generic content. People will give no attention to the brand’s message that doesn’t look original. Personalization goes beyond including the first name of your target audience in an email. It is necessary to address your customers’ pressing needs with a voice not similar to any of your competitors.

  • Pro-Activity and Digital Technologies

Digital technologies are there for businesses to leverage. It offers marketers a great opportunity to make their physical content more effective than using the conventional medium only. For example, marketers can transform content, especially images, to 3D with augmented reality. You can also provide your recipients with an interactive experience using voice commands to guide them. The focus is to ensure that you induce an interactive experience irrespective of the technologies employed.

  • Postcards Hitting the Limelight

Experts in different industries are predicting postcards to become more relevant in 2022. They have a tangible reason for this prediction, considering there were complaints about standard postcard size. With the size increased to 6 x 9 inches, marketers can show their creativity with more messaging space. The latest postcards now qualify for First class rates with more space for copy and response call-to-actions.

  • Marketers Prioritizing Mail Speed Optimization

Business needs to consider cost when planning their direct mail strategy given the 2021 USPS price increase. More attention should be directed at tracking direct mail ROI. Additionally, the delay in first-class mail delivery will increase the pressure on mail production optimization. This is one of the trends of direct mail that businesses should not overlook if they want to get positive results from their marketing activities.

  • Direct Mail Retargeting 

Google Ads has been the primary marketing tool used by businesses for retargeting. In 2022, marketers can send their audience direct mails with irresistible offers. When a customer fails to buy online, that is the ideal strategy to get them to patronize your business. This channel is yet to be explored by digital marketers. You can leverage it to reach out to customers and prospects that are not responsive.


Every business can benefit from the influence of direct mail. It’s versatile and effective if you incorporate it into your marketing strategy. If you need help on your next campaign, Kirkwood Direct is an expert direct mail company you can rely on for your project. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our direct mail marketing services!

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