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Comprehensive Data Services in Boston MA

The integrity of data can be one of the single most important elements in any direct marketing communications program. At Kirkwood Direct, we pride ourselves on the quality of our data services and are committed to providing you with the most accurate and effective data for your specific targeting needs.

Our comprehensive capabilities include data management, data acquisition, and program development. Whether it’s a multi-channel direct and digital marketing campaign to 50,000 prospects or a personalized crisis management communication to 500 of your best customers, our data services will help you achieve the results you desire.

Plus, we are HIPAA-compliant, so your data is completely secure and protected here at Kirkwood Direct.

Our Data Service Capabilities

We offer services that help you with everything from cleaning up your existing in-house customer and prospect lists, to acquiring new lists of new potential targets. We can also work with you to develop sophisticated direct marketing communications programs that maximize the use of your data in meeting your marketing objectives.

For instance, with our sophisticated data mining tool called Prospect Seeker, we can leverage your customer base to build a list of like-minded prospects for use in building customer acquisition programs.  

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Database & List Management Service in Boston

Kirkwood Direct can manage all your data management requirements, on both in-house proprietary lists and purchased lists. Our services include:

  • Analytical Profiling and Modeling
  • Penetration Analysis
  • Data Entry
  • Merge/Purge
  • Suppression
  • Genderizing
  • List and Database Maintenance
  • Deceased and DMA Suppression
  • Phone Appending/Reverse Appending
  • Data Warehousing
  • Mapping Capabilities
    • Elimination of duplication and overlapping areas
    • Demographic and lifestyle information
    • Radius, drive time, distance and trade areas
    • Customer penetration and clusters
    • Sales analyses

Boston's Data Acquisition & Data Entry Provider

Kirkwood Direct has extensive data acquisition services that will help you build prospect databases for your direct mail, digital marketing, and insert media programs. Our data acquisition experts have access to a wide variety of lists, including:

  • Specialty Lists
    • Saturate, Demographic, Lifestyle, Ethnic, Financial, and B2B

  • National residential and residential Plus List

  • Consumer Lists
    • Demographics for nearly 185 million individuals and 123 million households
    • Psychographics
    • Lifestyle and Trends Data
    • Life Event Data
    • Transactional Data
    • New Homeowners
    • Mortgage Data
    • New Movers
    • Financial Data
    • Ethnic Data
    • Many other selections available

  • Business Lists
    • Over 14 million business listings
    • Job Title
    • Business Type
    • Sales Revenue
    • Employee Size
    • Many other selections available




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